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  • Myrtle Beach Educational Article of the Month - Do Bats Make a Good Pet?

Do Bats Make a Good Pet?

Do Bats Make a Good Pet?

Legal aspects of keeping bats as pets:
Bats are included in the list of animals that are South Carolina state protected. Therefore no one can capture, sell or trade any species of bats. Some species are even in the list of Federal Endangered Species. Bats carry danger of spreading rabies, though, not more than half of 1 percent of bats actually contract rabies. Bats are very good for our Myrtle Beach environment as they eat up small flying insects from the air that can easily harm human being. So it is prohibited to kill or injure the bats. In addition there are group of reasons that make it better for you and for the bats as well to not to keep them in captivity.

Bats as pet:
Bat is known as intriguing mammal that has the ability to fly. They are most commonly found in wild but due to fear of predators as well as climate severity cause them to seek shelter in South Carolina homes. Bats are also kept as pets. In fact bats are not such a creature that are eligible to keep as pet under most liberal exotic animal laws. It has been observed that with good care of this nuisance wild creature a bat become a pet. If you are eager to take bat as pet there are a number of things you know about its care, food living environment as well.

Caring and feeding the bat:
First of all have to seek permission from the Myrtle Beach authorities to keep the bat as no one including research centers and zoos can possess a bat without prior permission. To feed your pet bat you have to make a proper schedule. Infants can be given unpasteurized goat milk; juice of chopped mealworm is added for a young bat. Adult bats are provided with mealworms with chopped heads. Live food is given late night as well as early morning. Water dish along with wrinkled paper towel in it is placed in the cage to make bats drink water. They can drink water or lick towel; wet towel also maintain the humidity level in the cage.

Bat house:
Bat house has become a common idea. It is built about ten feet high from the Myrtle Beach ground and is constructed in the direction that South Carolina sunlight can warm it. It is interesting to know that 30 bats can live in a cage of 8 inch wide and 15 inch long.

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