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  • Mytle Beach Educational Article of the Month - Are Coyotes Dangerous to Cats, Dogs, or Other Pets?

Are Coyotes Dangerous to Cats, Dogs, or Other Pets?

A Mytle Beach coyote is a canid native to North America. They are much smaller and more basal than their close relatives which are wolves.

Hostility posed by coyotes
Coyotes are in fact very dangerous than it seems. They will not only attack pets, but will also attack humans. Therefore, keeping yourself on guards is highly recommended if you are living in areas prone to these animals.

Protecting your dogs from coyotes
• First keep a tight guard while the dog is outside: This is an important step when ensuring security of your dog. Never let your dog outside when you are not near it.
• Keep the dogs food and water inside: Pets’ food might attract these predators. Make sure that while the dog is feeding, it’s on the inside. Otherwise the dog may lose its life when feeding outside.
• Do not chain your dog while it is outside: Never keep your dog chained when it is outside. While chained a South Carolina coyote may easily attack and kill it.
• Never let a coyote play with your dog: You should not let your dog play with a coyote just because they seem happy doing so. The coyote might be luring your dog and may soon end its life.

Protecting your cats
• Feed your cat only during the day and on the inside: Your cat should be fed only during the day since during the night a Mytle Beach coyote might be attracted. Feeding process should be done indoors only.
• Provide escape routes for cats: You should ensure that you provide escape routes for cats when outside. This makes the cats easily escape when confronted by coyotes.
• Erect posts on open fields: Where are there are no trees, erects posts that the cat can climb on when faced by the coyote.
• Harass Mytle Beach coyotes: If you happen to see a coyote confronting your cat you should harass it and even chased it. This will scare them and even not come back.

Protecting other pets
Other pets that face the risk of confrontation from South Carolina coyotes should be protected by means such as:
• Fencing around your residential area.
• Employ devices such as coyote rollers to keep them out.
• Raise the feeding posts of pets beyond the reach of coyotes.
Therefore protecting your pets is as simple as following those simple guidelines.

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