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  • Myrtle Beach Educational Article of the Month - What to Do About Rat on the Roof

What to Do About Rat on the Roof

What to Do About Rat on the Roof

Wild Myrtle Beach rats can cause serious damage to your South Carolina crops and buildings. They can equally be a source of disturbance to your sleep when you allow them to live in the same house with you. Rats on your roof can scare you at night with the loud sound of their legs while struggle for foods and playing with themselves. For that reason, you need not to allow them to share same roof with you. There are many tactics and strategies you need to use while looking for the best way to scare or remove rate away from your home and you are going to learn them through this article.

Seal up Any Holes in Your Roof or Cracks That Are Bigger Than A Quarter
Roof rats also known as black rats are small rats with ability to squeeze themselves through a tiny and small hole on the roof. So, the first thing you need to do when you are looking for the best way to get rid of rat in your roof is to locate the openings through which they got into your roof and seal them up. This will definitely prevent more Myrtle Beach rats from getting into your roof to cause more problems to you.

Make Sure You Cut Down Trees and Scrubs within Your House
After sealing up the possible spaces rats can follow into your roof, you have to cut down scrubs and tall trees that are touching your roof. This is to make sure the rats inside your roof do not have multiple ways of escape when you will want to get rid of them or kill with a trap. More so, cutting down the trees within your South Carolina house will help you to ensure permanent solution to your entire rat infestation problem on your roof.

Set Trap for the Rats on Your Roof
Having kept the entire opening tightly covered on your roof, you can now select the right kind of trap you want to use to catch rat. If you want to catch them alive you can go for live trap or you can go for snap or glue trap if you want them to die instantly after being caught in the trap.

Position Your Rat Snap Property for Easy Catch
Knowing the behaviors of roof rats will make it easy for you to know the best possible to set your trap. They are known as nocturnal animals and normally forage in group of up to 10. More so, roof rat normally follow same pathway back to their food sources time after time. So, you can locate their food source and set your trap there.

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