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  • Myrtle Beach Educational Article of the Month - Should I Ever Poison A Skunk?

Should I Ever Poison A Skunk?

Should I Ever Poison A Skunk?

If you are planning to kill skunk to get rid of it permanently from your Myrtle Beach home, poisoning should not be among the options as it is inhumane to kill an animal with poison. There are lots of reasons why you should not poison skunks that have been giving you trouble. It is even interesting for you to know that there is nothing like skunk poison being sold in the market today. There is no registered or legal poison for killing skunks in any part of the United States. That means it is illegal for you to poison skunk.

Some of the Reasons Why You Should Not Kill Skunks with Poison
It is always good for one to handle wild animals in a humane way despite the headache him or her is getting from them. It will be act of wickedness and inhumane for you to poison and watch skunks struggle helplessly and die. That is one of the reasons why you need not to consider poisoning as an option in controlling skunks in your South Carolina property, garden or home.

Poisoning Skunks Will Result to Environmental Pollution
Poisoning skunks in your Myrtle Beach property, will definitely result to population in your Myrtle Beach environment and affect other people within your South Carolina area. This is because, skunk will surely move away from the place where they are poisoned to another place when they will not be able surviving the effect of the poison and die. For that reason, you will not be able to control where they will die after poisoning their food. That can make yourself and people around you uncomfortable due to the offensive odor they will produce when their body will decay. That made it bad for you to consider poisoning these gentle, vibrant and smart animals.

Avoid Going against the Law of the Land by Poisoning Skunk
Honestly, only cowards normally consider poisoning as option in killing an animal. Apart from the fact, that it is the cowardly and inhumane way of killing an animal, it is also against the law in most areas of the world. For that reason, you should not allow yourself to fall victim of being prosecuted simply because you poisoned skunks which you could have remove from your Myrtle Beach property using other humane and effective ways.

Make Use of Live Trap or Body Gripping Trap to Get Rid Of Skunks
Shooting and use of body gripping trap will be better way to kill skunk than poisoning them. But the most effective, efficient, and humane way will be to use live trap and relocate them to isolated place from your South Carolina home.

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